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ELEVATE training services help factories build awareness. While training can be delivered as a single, one off event, it is clear that training programs that emphasize reinforcement and are staged to create areas of focus are the most effective application. Either comprehensive and broad, or designed to meet specific needs, training programs with an ongoing objective, prior to an issue arises, are more effective and garner greater results than training as a result of an issue.

  • Brand/retailer training

    ELEVATE helps retailers and brands develop training programs and/or deliver face to face training for any tier in the supply chain. In addition, ELEVATE can develop training for the retailer’s internal team. Training can focused on a specific area such as Recruiting and Worker Retention or a wide range of topics of interest such as: compliance basics, improving production efficiency, strategies for worker retention, developing worker-management dialogue, record keeping, development and implementation of key performance indicators to name a few. ELEVATE can develop the agenda, content, provide the trainers to deliver in the local language and manage the logistics (if needed).
  • Supplier training

    As part of the supplier ownership program, ELEVATE will develop training for supplier sales, sourcing, quality and compliance teams, in addition to the factories and facilities. Training topics can range from compliance basics, understanding your customers’ requirements with specific focus on one or several customers, the supplier code of conduct and supplemental guidelines, policies and procedures, corrective action planning, root cause assessment and many more.
  • Factory training

    ELEVATE trains factories face to face through retailers, brands and suppliers in their efforts to reach factories as well as through its Factory Improvement Support service.
  • eLearning

    ELEVATE eLearning provides a scalable, standardized and cost effective approach for delivering introductory social and environmental performance training to factories, suppliers and brands. Our animated courses incorporate local language voiceovers, interactive elements and graded quizzes. Each course is comprised of multiple lessons, and our programs are administrated through our online learning management system (LMS).

    To date, over 80,000 lessons have been completed on our LMS.

    To see our full list of courses, please visit store.ELEVATEeLearning.com.


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