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Webinar 6: The Role of Worker-Management Communication for Factory Improvement

Cost: FREE!

When: Jun 8, 11 a.m. EST

Speaker[s]: Patrick McKeller, ELEVATE

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The Role of Worker-Management Communication for Factory Improvement

In most organizations, one of the toughest challenges is proper, meaningful communication. This problem can be intensified in a manufacturing environment with hundreds or thousands of staff in one location. Many perceived issues or challenges can be correlated back to a lack of knowledge or more generally, a lack of understanding.

While it might seem impossible to tackle all of the challenges most factories face, there are basic methods and tools that can be used to drive improvement from the bottom up. This webinar will focus on where there are potential gaps in everyday worker-management communication and how simple adjustments can have big impact on improving factory performance both from a business and social sustainability standpoint.


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