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Supplier Ownership:  An Old Idea with a New Twist

Many retailers observe that high percentages of their suppliers are neglecting their social compliance responsibilities.  They do not proactively seek to manage, but instead, react to retailer audit results.

On the other hand, suppliers often say that retailers overestimate their influence with the factories and their ability to pre-empt non-compliance.   Yet, both would agree that reacting to poor audit results and the ensuing fire drill are very disruptive to retailers, suppliers and factories.  There needs to be a better way.

This webinar will talk to retailer’ and brands’ renewed interest in supplier ownership and the changing attitudes of suppliers towards adoption.  In addition, we will explore some of the developing retailer programs and supplier responses.


In this webinar, you will learn:

  1. Why supplier ownership is being seen as one of the critical missing elements in retailer/brand compliance programs.
  2. Why retailers and brands are likely to adopt supplier ownership programs.
  3. What you can do as a supplier to take preliminary steps towards a more proactive approach to social compliance.


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