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On 17th Dec, 2014, IDH, GIZ, and China WTO Tribune hosted “the International Workshop on Worker-Management Dialogue in China: Challenges, Opportunities and Solutions” in Garden Hotel, Guangzhou. With the great support of the guest speakers, co-organizers and your participation, the event has been a big success.

This was the first workshop ever exclusively focusing on multi-shareholder initiatives of Worker-Management Dialogue (WMD). It gathered the leading WMD initiatives in China, including Tchibo-GIZ WE Program (Worldwide Enhancement of Social Quality), ILO SCORE Program (Sustaining Competitive and Responsible Enterprises) and IDH Electronics Program.

Speakers sharing their insight on Worker-Management Dialogue

More than 60 participants from industrial associations, multinational corporations and their suppliers, service providers, and NGOs attended this workshop. On the workshop, they hear from speakers sharing their experience of moving Worker Management Dialogue forward in China. They also joined the interactive discussion moderated by the experts on these specific topics about the challenges, opportunities and solutions of dialogue.

Thanks to the unreserved sharing from speakers and active participation of attendees, the result was inspirational and fruitful and was well.

To learn more about the event, you can download the slides of the event via below links:

Grievance CNTAC (China National Textile And Apparel Council):

Tchibo-GIZ WE:




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