It's time for suppliers to take greater ownership of managing and improving working conditions in the supply chain. Let ELEVATE show you how.

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Supplier Ownership FAQ

  • What is Supplier Ownership?

    • Suppliers that take accountability for managing responsible supply chains
    • Suppliers that partner with their customers to support improvement to supply chain working conditions
    • Suppliers that have established the right framework for an effective Responsible Sourcing Program
  • Who are you talking about when you say Supplier?

    Most brands and retailers do not own or even work directly with the factories that manage their product. Most often, there is a Supplier in the middle that works with several factories and helps their customers manage the sourcing and production process.

    This website aims to provide resources to these Suppliers to help better manage their customer Responsible Sourcing Requirements. For Purposes of this website, we will use the terms “Brand / Retailer” or “Customer”, “Supplier” and “Factory” as shown in the diagram.

  • Why does ELEVATE care about Supplier Ownership?

    At ELEVATE, we are committed to developing and implementing responsible supply chain strategies that create a responsible balance between business need and improving supply chain working conditions.

    We have seen that Suppliers that are engaged in responsible sourcing are a critical success factor to any responsible sourcing project. Responsible Suppliers are better equipped to introduce superior factories, manage complex compliance issues and serve as a reliable and informed partner in lowering supply chain risk. We believe that sustainable supply chain solutions must include greater reliance on Suppliers to manage responsible sourcing at the factory level.

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