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Factory Performance Improvement

ELEVATE capacity building services help factories develop the awareness, capacity to act, business case and mindset to improve continuously. All services are intended to help drive performance, each according the desired degree of impact and intensity.

  • CAP Management

    Supporting hundreds of factories globally, ELEVATE can help your factory leverage the corrective action planning process for good. We help improve factory understanding of how to respond to an audit and develop a plan to address the underlying root causes.
  • Worker Engagement

    One of the significant changes that must take place is a shift in the way factory managers view their workers. Most factories see their workers as commodities, easily replaceable and limited in value. If managers seek to improve productivity, workers should be seen as assets. This is very new to factory management, and considerable support is needed for the transition. ELEVATE can support factory management in their efforts to build this new dynamic with readily available solutions for all of your worker engagement needs.
  • Factory Improvement Support

    Is an in-depth, in-factory engagement, one factory at a time, built around monthly consultations to make the changes necessary to improve and address specific root causes. For those factories with high worker turnover, lower worker productivity and wage gaps, ELEVATE can develop a program to explore worker satisfaction, improve management dialogue, and establish the case for investing in improving working conditions.
  • Managed CSR Support

    In an effort to improve transparency rates and increase the number of times your organization visits its factories, ELEVATE will provide a part or full time analyst(s) dedicated to your organization. Each analyst can support between 15 – 35 factories. The role they would play would depend on your organization’s need. Audit, CAP visits and/or basic capacity building support are all service possibilities. Priorities are set by the customer and regularly monitored and managed through the ELEVATE in-country management structure.
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Monitoring

    Key performance indicators can be a means of monitoring progress, creating focus and in some cases, driving performance. ELEVATE has developed a monthly monitoring program that can support hundreds of factories globally. This service includes developing a customized KPI data set, trains the factories on the importance of these KPI’s, on-boards the factories on the ELEVATE monitoring system, generates monthly reports, follows up on significant variances and optionally, visits factories quarterly. In addition, the service includes a data verification visit.
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