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 20 years, 25,000+ factories and millions of social compliance audits and still the same major compliance problems continue.

The time has come to reengineer social compliance efforts to put more emphasis on performance and partnership and less emphasis on policing and compliance.

Factory Social Compliance

We can do better!

To brands and retailers: We can do better!
It’s easy to blame factory management for poor working conditions. But customer behavior is a big part of the problem. Look to be an enabler of progress, rather than the policeman of problems.

To suppliers and factories: We can do better!
Your workers, your customers, and consumers are done waiting. You are the employer to the world, we need your leadership. Realize the opportunity and commit to changing ‘business as usual.’

To NGOs, Consumers, Media, and Investors: We can do better!
You are our global conscience. Use your influence wisely. Do not let perfection be the enemy of progress.

At ELEVATE, we want our clients to think big, think beyond the current paradigm and view supplier responsibility through a new lens. We Can Do Better! Please join us as we re-imagine a new vision for how we all need to work together – differently with more emphasis on impact and performance – to drive change for all of us.



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