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It’s widely understood that a fundamental challenge to improving global labor conditions is the lack of developed governmental institutions and civil society found in many countries. Beyond individual company efforts, international development and industry led projects are fundamental to supporting sustained change. ELEVATE, not only supports this trend in development project funding, but is striving to play an active role. Examples of projects past and present projects we are involved in include:

  • Alliance

    Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety: The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety was founded by a group of North American apparel companies and retailers and brands who have joined together to develop and launch the Bangladesh Worker Safety Initiative, a binding, five-year undertaking that will be transparent, results-oriented, measurable and verifiable with the intent of improving safety in Bangladeshi ready-made garment (RMG) factories. Collectively, these Alliance members represent the overwhelming majority of North American imports of RMG from Bangladesh, produced at more than 500 factories.
  • EICC Workplace of Choice

    The EICC Workplace of Choice Program aims to protect foreign migrant workers and reduce the risk of forced labor in the electronics sector. The program will provide tools and practical guidance to improve worker–management communication, educate foreign migrant workers on their rights, and set up a centralized helpline in Malaysia.

    Workplace of Choice will guide and support factories to build the necessary infrastructure to address the complexities associated with the employment of foreign migrant workers and enhance current communications systems and grievance mechanisms.

  • IDH

    IDH Electronics Program: The Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH), together with Dell, HP, Philips, Apple and civil society organizations, have developed a new program to improve the working conditions and environmental performance of electronics factories in China, covering 500,000 workers. This program is funded by IDH, Dell, HP, Philips and Apple.

    USAID: In May 2006 allegations appeared in public concerning widespread labor rights violations of migrant workers, including trafficking, in Jordan's garment sector. Since these allegations first appeared, the Jordanian Ministry of Labor and USAID have been working together to determine the validity of these allegations and to begin to address the underlying causes of worker rights violations in Jordan.

    Towards this end, Level Works Limited was selected by USAID to develop, manage and implement the Joint Labor Assessment and Training Project to assess the working conditions in Jordan 's garment sector while taking initial steps to build capacity within the Ministry of Labor (MOL), especially within its Directorate of Labor Inspection and Occupational Safety and Health. The main activity of the Project was to undertake unannounced visits over a three-month period of the majority garment factories found in Jordan -- comparing factory working conditions against a list of standards compiled from Jordanian law and the international labor standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO).

    In follow-up to the JLATP project, Level Works was asked to provide ongoing advisory and support services to the Jordanian MOL through 2009, funded by USAID.
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